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Cilasoft joins Syncsort

December 12, 2017

A new impetus starts today with Syncsort, with which the complementarity of the solutions is natural. The engine that made our success remains our passion for both the IBM i platform and the subject of security. Count on us, the fundamentals of Cilasoft remain in place!

Guy Marmorat, former CEO of Cilasoft, says, "The Cilasoft team is now looking forward to further development with the Syncsort team, with more ways to solve the growing IBM i security challenges. Of course, we will continue to support you, but with better geographic coverage thanks to Syncsort’s worldwide presence, which includes its recent combination with Vision Solutions, including enhanced R & D and support, and increased visibility across all marketing materials. This strategy will benefit all our customers, partners and employees." 


Analyze your IBM i (AS400) job logs

Job Log Explorer is the ideal tool for IBM i administrators that significantly improves and simplifies the process of analyzing IBM i job logs. 

With powerful and easy-to-use filtering options, Job Log Explorer helps users to deal with large overwhelming job logs by efficiently locating critical entries in order to easily identify and resolve job-related issues. 

Originally developed by Cilasoft for internal, partner and customer use, we are pleased to provide Job Log Explorer at no cost to the entire IBM i community.


Cilasoft Polishes IBM i Security And Compliance Auditing Software

February 1, 2017
By IT Jungle (Dan Burger)

"Regulatory compliance mandates have forced many companies to examine their security policies and procedures. But even companies without compliance issues are concerned their data security may be inadequate considering the increased sophistication of the attacks, the integration of their systems of record with their systems of engagement, and the realization that IBM i is not an inherently secure system." 

Cilasoft Introduces Elevated Authority Manager For IBM i

April 24, 2012
By Cilasoft

Cilasoft, a leader in security and compliance solutions for IBM System i (AS/400), today announced the introduction of Elevated Authority Manager (EAM), a software solution that allows IT managers to temporarily give specific authorities to selected users. To further manage the process, the included reporting and alerting features of EAM lets IT managers know the precise actions performed by users during the period they have been granted any special authority....


Cilasoft Offers No Cost Job Log Exploration Tool

August 17, 2016
By IT Jungle (Dan Burger)

"The IBM i equivalent of a mountain avalanche is the job queue file. It's a mass of files with the potential to eventually bury system admins as they search for good jobs that have gone bad. When job logs are thousands of pages in length and contain many similar entries, the search for specific troublesome job logs can become tedious, aggravating, and time consuming. About this time, users start wishing for a tool that efficiently sorts job log information." 

Cilasoft_New_Version_Security_Expert_on_the_IBM i_platform

Cilasoft Announces Major Version Update to Its Security and Compliance Software Suite

January 26, 2017

By Cilasoft

..New features included in 5.18.R have been created to enhance reporting, automation, flexibility, system performance and more. In addition, the new release includes an expansion of integration points with leading cross-platform security information and event management (SIEM) solutions..


Cilasoft Introduces Single View Of Data From Multiple Systems

April 1, 2015
By IT Jungle (Dan Burger)

"Data aggregation, for many organizations, is more like data aggravation. Automating data consolidation from multiple files, even those that exist in different systems in different locations, has proved to be problematic, especially for businesses that run from multiple sites. When updating and aggregating data becomes a bottleneck, IT managers start searching for answers. Double the frustration when the distribution of data from one file to multiple files is also a factor."

Cilasoft_JobLog Explorer

Cilasoft Announces Job Log Explorer!

August 15, 2016
By Cilasoft

A No-Cost Tool to Help IBM i Administrators Easily Find Information in Job Logs

Cilasoft announces the immediate availability of Cilasoft Job Log Explorer, a no-cost IBM i system management tool that provides multiple filtering and sorting options of entries in job logs to significantly speed the process of identifying and resolving job-related issues.

Cilasoft Launches Revolutionary Database Auditing Software

May 3, 2010
By Cilasoft

Cilasoft Security Solutions today announced the introduction of a revolutionary System i Database Auditing tool that enables security officers and IT auditors to be alerted when a user simply views a sensitive database record...


Cilasoft Introduces CENTRAL For IBM i

March 24, 2015

The company’s latest offering lets IT managers both consolidate selected data from multiple files into a unified view and distribute data from one file to many.

Cilasoft, a leading developer and vendor of security and compliance software for the IBM i platform, today introduced CENTRAL, a software solution that gives IT managers a unified view of data across multiple files, while also providing functionality for  data-set distribution and command execution across multiple IBM i environments from a central machine. 

We have a growing number of customers that run our security and compliance products on multiple machines and need a better, more unified view of security and compliance log files from all of their locations,” says Guy Marmorat, president of Cilasoft. “This was the impetus for creating CENTRAL; however, we took this functionality several steps further: firstly, CENTRAL can be used with any DB2 file on any number of IBM i environments—whether Cilasoft files or not; secondly, CENTRAL works bi-directionally so it can be used to intelligently distribute or consolidate data over multiple IBM i environments; and thirdly, CENTRAL lets users run commands that affect multiple IBM i environments from a single machine.” ...


Think Security Is Challenging Now? Just Wait Until Next Year . . .

October 2014

Published by IBM Systems Magazine

"It’s likely the IT security technologies and policies you have for your applications and infrastructure were current when implemented. But what about today? What about next year?
Technologies and requirements change quickly over time. For example: applications get modernized with new interfaces and protocols being introduced through  Java, Web services and sockets; there’s a deluge of new data from mobile apps; there’s the consolidation of servers; there’s new audit and compliance requirements. The list goes on. On top of this, there’s pressure not to compromise system performance when addressing the ever-changing landscape of security risks..."

Cilasoft Sales Boosted by Security Migrations

June 25, 2013
By IT Jungle (Dan Burger)

"A growing portion of the increases comes from companies already equipped with security software. These replacement deals, which Marmorat estimated were responsible for one-fifth of all sales in 2011, have increased to more than one-third of Cilasoft sales in the first quarter of 2013. To better accommodate IBM i shops that are unhappy with their previous security software vendor, Cilasoft has worked out a "migration path program" that translates rules from the previous product to Cilasoft.
"We have a strong, well-selected partner channel that is increasing each year. It's doing good job for customers and our customers generally behave as if they were our sales people and we get new leads this way," Marmorat says...."

Cilasoft Monitors Additional Exit Points with IBM i Security Tool

February 19, 2013
By IT Jungle (Alex Woodie)

"IBM i security software developer Cilasoft last week unveiled enhancements to two of its products, including CONTROLER, its exit point monitoring solution, and EAM, its Elevated Authority Manager solution. Cilasoft says the capability to monitor two additional exit points in CONTROLER--the open database file and socket exit points--as well as new commands in the tool, will give IBM i shops a powerful new way to enforce data-centric security policies, which it claims is "an enormous breakthrough."....

Cilasoft Ships Authority Manager Tool for IBM i

May 1, 2012
By IT Jungle (Alex Woodie)

"Organizations that are concerned about tracking the activities of IT professionals as they're logged onto IBM i servers may want to check out the new Elevated Authority Manager (EAM) tool from Cilasoft. The software provides a rich array of options for controlling the use of powerful user profiles, such as those with QSECOFR authority and keeping an organization compliant with government regulations..."

Cilasoft Security Software Gaining U.S. Business

March 8, 2011
By IT Jungle (Alex Woodie)

"If you had a security audit tomorrow, would you pass? Security insiders say, more often than not, that security holes are numerous at IBM i shops, and are quite big in some cases. For IBM i security software vendor Cilasoft, the overall lack of good security policies in United States companies is leading to an uptick in sales of software and services."

Security and Auditing Breakthrough Gives Cilasoft Compliance Advantage

May 25, 2010
By IT Jungle (Dan Burger)

"Underestimating security issues and being unaware of the technology that makes systems more secure can be the dog you never thought would bite you until it did. The loss of sensitive data can hurt in many different ways. Regulatory compliance mandates have forced some IBM i-based companies to think about this, and software companies like Cilasoft are crafting new technology that can help. Cilasoft's database monitoring software is a good example."

New i OS Security Firm to Offer Multiple Wares, Services

September 15, 2009
By IT Jungle (Dan Burger)

"Cilasoft an international software company based in France that specializes in security, audit, and compliance software for the IBM Power Systems server (also known as the System i, iSeries, and AS/400) platform, has contracted with IT Security and Compliance Group to build sales in the U.S. market. Cilasoft has clients in more than 40 countries around the globe, ranging from small businesses to large multinational corporations, but has had minimal impact in the USA."

Security Sage Dan Riehl Busts a Move—and Offers Sound Security Advice for IBM i

September 9, 2009
By SystemiNetwork (Linda Harty)

"I spoke with veteran (21 years!) System iNEWS tech editor Dan Riehl about a major career move he recently announced. Let's get the scoop on that, as well as Dan's expert, IBM i-focused take on security trends and challenges, social media, the economy, SSO, and PCI. We also offer a sneak peek at an upcoming article Dan authors in our October print magazine—it's just the ticket to get you ready for your next security compliance audit."

QJRN/400 Sniffs Out Fraud, One Journal Receiver at a Time

October 7, 2008
By IT Jungle (Alex Woodie)

"QJRN/400 from Cilasoft is a database auditing tool for the IBM System i server that relies on the operating system's extensive journaling function to dig up evidence of malfeasance or fraud by users. Clever System i users will be able to hide their tracks to some extent. But when every little action is tracked and recorded, it's just a matter of piecing the puzzle together, and that's where QJRN/400 excels."