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Basel II


The Basel II Framework, issued by the Basel Committe on Banking Supervision in June 2004, is a set of banking regulations that define the minimum capital requirements for internationally active banks and financial entities. 

The purpose of Basel II is to improve the quality of the banking system with better operational risk management practices and prevent bankruptcies by ensuring that banks have adequate capital to support all the risks in their business.

The accords rely on on three main pillars:
  • Minimum Capital Requirements: this presents the calculation of the total minimum capital requirements for credit, market and operational risk.
  • Supervisory Review Process: this recognises the responsibility of bank management in developing an internal capital assessment process and setting capital targets that are commensurate with the bank’s risk profile and control environment.
  • Market Discipline: this requires more disclosure about risk assessment and management processes by banks and financial institutions.
Complying with Basel II requires appropriate risk measurement and control systems, as well as financial reporting processes, which has an impact on banking IT systems and information security. 

how cilasoft can help

The Cilasoft Security Software Suite can help you meet the Basel II requirements in the area of operational risk management.  Operational risk is defined as the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people and systems or from external events.

QJRN/400, CONTROLER, DVM and EAM are the perfect solutions for securing your IBM i systems.  The software allows you to easily and effectively minimize operational risk:
  • Controlling Access to Data.
  • Implementing Audit Reports.
  • Reinforcing Sensitive Data Confidentiality.

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