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The Data Consolidation and Distribution Solution for IBM i

A big challenge for companies running their business from multiple locations is the ability to consolidate data from, or deploy data to, multiple systems. 

Doing this efficiently is not a luxury but a strategic feature of a global solution as it significantly saves both time and money to have a unified view of data, and to manage data-set distribution from one central location.  


CENTRAL consolidates all or part of any database files that reside on multiple remote sites into a single file on a central machine.  And since CENTRAL is bi-directional, it can also deploy any database file from a central site out to multiple remote sites.  In addition, CENTRAL can be used to run commands simultaneously on remote sites from a central site. 

CENTRAL is available in two versions:
  • A runtime version that is designed to consolidate Cilasoft-related log files, to deploy rules across multiple machines, or to run remote commands across multiple machines
  • The open version can be used without any limitation across any databases – whether from Cilasoft products or not
Examples of what you can achieve with CENTRAL:
  • Aggregate data from a selected group of machines, either incrementally or in complete mode
  • Distribute a save file to multiple remote machines along with customizable pre- and/or post-execution commands
  • Run a specific command on one or more remote machines with on-demand activation
  • Deploy database files to multiple locations, with an extraction selection, around the clock at x- minute intervals
The architecture of CENTRAL includes:
  • Systems: A list of systems along with their attributes related to connection, restoration parameters, etc.
  • System Groups: Allows smart grouping of multiple systems
  • Scripts: These are the backbone of the transfers.   They include: type (*FILE *SAVF *CMD), direction (*SND *RCV), instructions on remote and central Systems, and transport method (*AUTO *FTP *MANUAL)
  • Templates: These associate file names with the related script for a group of systems
  • Time Ranges: Time tables, time windows, and time intervals
  • Transfers: Templates for individual systems that show status, next run and job information

The power and robustness of CENTRAL allowed us to set up complex scenarios.  Once configuration is completed, it runs very smoothly. 

  • Predefined consolidation configuration for Cilasoft logs (CONTROLER log, EAM log, QJRN preparation files)
  • Rule deployment configuration with Cilasoft condition lists
  • Open structure allows you to define any type of exchange
  • Large choice of scheduling options (at a specific time every day, every x minutes, repetitive or one time only, with a specific calendar)
  • Comprehensive error tracking (central and remote jobs are identified, joblog is automatically sent on error)
  • Manages files (database files, save files) and commands
  • Bi-directional (send or receive)
  • Multiple transport methods (FTP, DDM, SAVRST, manual too)
  • Segregated processes: Extraction, transport, import, with possible customization for each
  • Transfer history log automatically populated
  • Graphical console adapted for a better consolidated view 
  • Many more

  • Save time and money by having a unified view of data across machines
  • More efficiently work on consolidated data instead of individual data files
  • Efficiently push selected data subsets to remote locations

Try it for yourself.  Experience the power of Cilasoft Software for 30 days—FREE.